I’m working on something that’s period young adult. To be specific, it’s set in 1788 England. If I were going to do it right, I’d have a lot of language that isn’t understandable to a modern YA audience. It would probably also sound much older. Putting my scholar hat on for a moment, I can tell you that at that time, there wasn’t really a concept of children as children–going through developmental stages. They were perceived as small adults and should, therefore, behave as such. So to us, they would speak in a very adult way.

I’m trying to balance capturing the world and having the YA voice that’s accessible to a contemporary reader. It means deliberately sacrificing historical accuracy. It’s an odd sort of thing to be writing because I don’t know exactly what I’m doing. It’s all by touch and feel and hoping it’s successful.

In other news, I’m awake. Oh, and I finished that evil synopsis.

Also, did I mention I’m upright and breathing and awake?

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