Trace of Magic

It’s coming along quite nicely thus far. Though I’m heading for the potential middle slump. I hope not.

Here is the word count thus far

35995 / 90000 words. 40% done!
and a snippet, with errors, but I’m tired and I have to go pick up the girlie at school:

He gave me a sharp look and then finished removing the lid. Nestled inside was a long, thin piece of metal. It was covered in silver whiskers. They shifted and moved like they were underwater.

I brushed the fringe softly with my finger. The fine strands combed through my skin and blood welled and dripped. The metal piece convulsed and strands of silver shot out to capture my hand. I jerked back, barely in time. The box shook violently. Price grabbed the lid and pressed it down, holding it in place until the shaking stopped. Quickly he slid it back into the grooves and clicked it closed.

Blood was running pretty freely down my finger. I grabbed the washcloth he’d used to clean me up earlier and pressed it hard against my finger.

“That was unexpected,” I said. “Wonder what would have happened if it grabbed me?”

“I expect it would have torn you up like a wood chipper,” Price said. “I was wondering why you kept a blood null with you. Now I’m wondering why you don’t have more of them.” His eyes were hooded and grooves dug deep into the side of his nose and lips.

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