ch ch ch changes

In the year that we lived apart (the man and the rest of us), my son developed Xbox skills that he didn’t have before and so now the man and boy are whomping on each other in hockey and the man has to work hard to win. They are bonding. And my son says things that are not so young anymore. More teenagerish. Maybe because he is one now. Sigh. They are so cute together though.

We managed to decorate some walls today and clean a bit in the garage. So positive changes there. I bought paint a week ago for my office and made no progress whatsoever in prepping it for painting. I’m going to be working on that. I envision a lot of taping in my near future. It will certainly make the painting less difficult as well as more likely to come out well. I have a LOT of trim in that room and the ceiling will remain white. I was going to go green, but decided I wasn’t daring enough so I’m going purple.

We got a pikachu costume for girlie today. Boy doesn’t want to dress up. Went to a Halloween store and wanted to look at the creepy decorations, but girlie was creeped out and wanted to Leave. That. Section. Now.

We also worked on our furnace. Specifically our filters. They are super crappy and they need a better framework to hold them in. So we’re thinking about best methods to construct said framework. We also need to call someone to service it before we want to run it.

The man did not work overtime today for the first time in weeks. So nice. Tomorrow we are going to a corn maze. Can’t wait. Never been. Have I mentioned this before? Am I completely annoying you all by telling you yet again how much I want to go to a corn maze?

Been reading a book that’s meh. It’s supposed to be good. It’s got all the right elements. Mystery, crime, ghosts, murder. But I’m not into the characters at all and so while I want to keep reading to see who the bad guy turns out to be, I kinda want to just skip to the end.

I’ve done some poking and prodding at Trace of Magic this weekend. Added some words and have been trying to sort out what happens next. Wish I knew. Hopefully it will come to me because the book is coming to its climax and I should know what that is. Funny thing is that I have the final scene in my head. It’s denoument, but predicated on a certain event happening. The question is, how does that event come about? There are still a whole lot of possibilities. There are also some threads that need to be dealt with. Like why were those guys really trying to kill the main characters earlier? and what are those things? and who kidnapped *character* and where is he and can they rescue him? And exactly what’s the real agenda of *other character*?

I should probably figure out those things like, oh, soonish, since I plan to be done with the book in two weeks. That will require writing the words down that end the book. Which will require knowing what happens. Or so I’m assuming. I could be wrong.

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  • Adrianne

    I hope you have a great time at the corn maze. I started doing them when they first appeared around here. I loved getting out and wandering through the corn with a map and a compass. I didn’t love not finding my kids when I was ready to go home. The next year I gave them walkie talkies and a “return to the start by” time. They were still late, but at least I knew that they knew it was time to leave.

    Times have changed. More recent experiences include teens tearing down tape, breaking down corn, and throwing cobbs at each other and hitting me. And yesterday’s corn maze included food trucks, generators, vast crowds, and so many people that you followed the snake through the maze.

    Next year I’m headed out to the more rural maze in the afternoon when the school tours have gone home. If you’re careful, you can still find that peaceful place to get lost with the birds for a few hours.

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