Weird days

I wrote nearly 4k words today. Keep in mind I’m almost at the end of the book and I still don’t quite know the ending. I do have some strong ideas, and that’s better than where I was the other day. Let’s hope I know more very soon. Very soon. I figure I have about 22K left to write. That’s not a lot of room to not know and I’ll be facing some serious revision if i can’t get it figured out.

I made some brownies. I accidentally quadrupled the recipe. Don’t ask me how. I’ve got talents you don’t even know about. And yes, it was an accident. I didn’t actually want to cook that much. I don’t mind eating that much, but probably my body wouldn’t care for it.

I took the kids to get library cards today. Got me one too. I feel more official Oregonian now.

Tomorrow I have to go to Costco. And I don’t have children to tote the stuff. Sigh. I will endeavor to carry for myself.

I have now made reservations for Norwescon. So as of now, I will be at:

Rainforest Writers Retreat

If anybody is going to be around, let me know! We’ll get together!

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