All Gone

Over the past few days I’ve sorted through all my books. I’ve shelved a bunch and I’ve boxed a bunch to get rid of. I haven’t dug through my research books as I haven’t got those shelves set up, but I’m fairly confident I’m keeping all of those. Then we took the books to Powell’s. Over 40 paper boxes full. They didn’t buy as much as I hoped, but they did buy some, so we got rid of about 10 gone. Then we took the rest to a local used book store, and got rid of more than 75% of the rest, and then we took the final books to The Friends of the Salem Library. I had to do it fast or I’d decide to keep them. The problem was that I really needed to cut ties with that old life. Plus I needed to get all those boxes out of the house. We still aren’t really moved in. More like camping in a lot of places as we get things done. The worst part is figuring out where to put things and where to hang pictures. Plus the man is working a ton of overtime and so it’s a lot slower to make things happen.

For whatever reason, that reminds me that I want to make some cinnamon rolls. I think I’ll have to do that later today or tomorrow morning.

My parents are coming to visit on Monday. Really looking forward to it.

I think I have begun to come to an ending on Tracer. Still not quite all together, but getting there.

My dog is snuggled up to me so tight I think he is afraid I’ll leave again. I was gone too long in the past couple of days. Poor thing. I’m about to leave again. The other dog is curled up in a ball on the couch a few feet away. He’s sulking I think.

I will start painting my office this next week, having delayed that by a) doing some writing this week, and b) working on books. I am going to rope my mom into helping me. Little does she know . . .  Bhwahahahahaha!





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  • Kbritain

    It takes a while to settle in. It’s been a year for me, and I haven’t yet settled entirely. I have finally accepted that it won’t all get done right away. And I was just one person and a dog–not an entire family!

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