We got home from my MILs funeral. It was sad, but funerals tend to have a component of catharsis and the renewal of connections to family and friends. So in that much it was a good experience.

I haven’t much else to say. Been trying to catch up. For Peeps in the Salem, Oregon, area, John Pitts will be signing books at Book Bin East (the old Borders), this Friday at 7:00.

We’ll be going to the Trans Siberian Orchestra concert on Sunday.

I’m feeling a bit awful today. Morning was great with raking leaves and running errands (where did all the milk go?) and then this afternoon I started feeling like garbage. Headachey and feverish. This pairs nicely with my sinus pain going over the mountains driving down to California and back. Owie.

In the meantime, I write this week so I can finish Trace of Magic and pain my office so I can put the rest of the shelves up so I can unpack books and my son can thereby find the books he wants that I haven’t found yet. Oh, and that would allow me to put some other stuff away. Wouldn’t that be fun?

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