silly salad of stuff

Yesterday I went to Costco and on the way out, I got to see a guy (at least 30, but I think in his 40s) pull up his underwear (gray), but not his pants (sliding down his thighs). Why oh why?

Three/fourths of my office is painted. The light walls. I need to fix a bit of trim, but today we do the dark wall. I say we, but I think it will be them. Basically, I did the primering of the entire room, but turns out I stink on ice at rolling paint. I slide the roller more than roll, leaving little lines of paints, and an uneven coat. The man tells me I probably press to hard. I’m much better at trim. When it came time to paint the room, the man did the rolling and the kids forcibly took over the trim painting. As in, demanded and actually whined (one of them), so what could I do? I had to let them. I’m planning hoping they will be up for it again tonight.

I did some Christmas shopping. I need to wrap before little googley children (not so little) get their eyes on them. I really need to actually start looking for things for those I have to send stuff to.

The dog barfed this morning. Actually on the hardwood (he was inches from the carpet, so I was surprised).

Went to the chiro and I’m feeling lots better.

I need to get out and walk the dogs and also trim their toenails, but I feel guilty about the nail trimming since they hate it so much and the one already is having a barfy day. Both are snuggled up next to me and both want to be on my lap, which is being hogged by the interloper, aka, my laptop.

I still love turkey sandwiches. The rest of my family would like me to get a much smaller turkey in the future. There will be ham for Christmas.

I should now go back to work. And dog petting.


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