snow and hills and books and shelves

This morning I slept ridiculously late and then we headed out to try to find a snow hill. I figured we’d drive east until we hit more snow, but I was vetoed and we instead veered off the highway to a place that had too little snow to go down more than a few times. Ah well, next time. Anybody (Hey Joyce!) know where there’s a good snow sledding hill in the general vicinity of Salem/Portland/Eugene? I’m willing to drive an hour or two. I just want to be able to let the kids sled when we get there.

The dogs had a blast. They apparently have missed the snow. I finally clipped their toenails, for which they were most ungrateful. They called me names and whimpered. Without me even touching them.

I then came home and continued to put things away in my office on the shelves. All my books are put away. Well, there are a few that need a home upstairs, but they are crochet books. So I think I can say all done. Course now I have to put away a bunch of other supplies. They will never fit. So now I have to do some more serious sorting and then giving away. I found more empty binders. So it looks like I’ll be doing some getting rid of stuff this week. All in the name of making room for a tree, and oh, yeah, trying to get the house in order like we actually live here. You know, when I’m not working.

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