It’s all in the stomach

We have all been sick this week. Well, except the man. But the boy has had it worse and it doesn’t seem to be clearing up. I took him to the doctor earlier in the week, but nothing seems to have changed. I’m a little worried. He isn’t throwing up nonstop, but more like every few hours. But he’s throwing up as much now as he was last Monday. I guess if he’s not better next week, I’ll be taking him back. I hope they can get this figured out. I put a heating pad on his stomach and it seems to help some

We made progress in the house today. Cleared a spot for the tree, carried furniture upstairs and downstairs. I am hopeful that we will have the house somewhat put together by the time my parents get here on Monday. Yeah, right. We did, however, get our tree. We will get it put up tomorrow. Girlie is determined. I have some snowbaby decorations I haven’t seen in maybe 15 or 20 years. Nice to be able to get out some of this stuff. They painted the house in significantly neutral colors. They are fine, but I’d like something much more colorful. But the ceilings are high and I really don’t want to take on more jobs. So that will have to wait. A long time I’m afraid.

We went to a little Christmas tree farm to cut down the tree with a friend. It was a fun trip and part of the sales are donated to the Wounded Warriors. Let’s hope it smells lovely. It’s a fir, and sometimes those aren’t as fragrant.

My head is killing me. This is part of the illness of the week I think. Hopefully it goes away soon. I hate headaches.



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