Boy update

All the endoscopy tests came back negative. No Celiac, no lactose intolerance, no bacteria issues, no allergies, and I forget what else was tested for. Also no parasites. The doc is trying him on a medicine that helps with pediatric stomach migraines. I didn’t know such things existed, but apparently they do. It will also help with cyclic vomiting syndrome, though the doc doesn’t think that’s what he has. He had to have an EKG today to make sure he can be on the medicine. He also has to have a stomach ultrasound next week. He’s still vomiting. Only about 4 times today.

Also, I got a new Macbook today. There’s a bad sensor inside. I took it back. Bah! So I wait again. It was lovely and thin and sleek.

The dog has a runny/gooey eye. Not sure what he did to himself. Trying to keep it clean with a damp cloth and hopefully that helps me.

Hoping to do some baking tomorrow. Maybe cinnamon rolls. Maybe bread.

Would also like to get some writing done. Definitely going to watch the niners play. Was hoping that the Colts would pull it out today, but they didn’t.




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