I was invited to apply to do something very cool, so I did, and now I’m waiting for the higherups in the process to give me a green or red light. Keep your fingers crossed. Not writing related.

I had long delayed reviewing the manuscript for a young woman I agreed to do that for and I finished that today and sent it back. Done and done. I hope it’s useful.

Visited with the boy’s principal and we are beginning the process to make better arrangements for schooling while he’s out sick.

Boy has only thrown up twice today so far. I hope it’s not an anomaly, but a trend toward getting well.

I have been working on tightening up The Cipher for reissue. I don’t know if I’m going to add any scenes or take any out. I can if I choose, so I’m giving it some thought. Not because I want to change it, but if time has taught me how to make it a better story, I will. I will hopefully get more work done on that this weekend.

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