Of dreams too strange to be nightmares

I had a weird dream last night. It seemed to tie together teaching, the cattle ranch where I grew up, and attending a con. I don’t exactly understand (or don’t begin to understand) what exactly the story was in the dream. I know I was supposed to be grading some sort of final project while registering for a con and having people into the ranch. The why/how/wtf?/ of it all eludes me. The whole thing made me anxious, though. What’s that about?

Watching Denver beat the Patriots (so far). I’m okay with a Broncos win. But I really want the Niners to beat the Seahawks. We’ll see how that goes.

Boy improved over the last couple of days and today seems worse. He’s got anxiety over the ultrasound on Tuesday. I’m not sure why. He’s seen me have one. He knows it’s not invasive, but he just doesn’t want them messing with his stomach. The anxiety is making for problems. I’m taking him in this week to talk to the doc about it. He’s also really dizzy today.

I need to clip dog toenails. It’s quite a production. I follow it up with brushing, so I redeem myself, but I’m still get reproachful looks.

I’m poking at a story I started a bit ago. Finally realized I didn’t know something quite key to moving forward, so I’ve begun working on that. Once I know that, a lot more should become clear. But short stories tend to turn into novellas, then novels. I’m hoping to keep this one under control.

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