Potential progress made. Maybe.

Took boy into see his doc today (regular, not GI). I wanted to get his ears checked, just in case, and talk about counseling and anxiety. He talked to Q for awhile and gave him suggestions, gave me suggestions for what I could do for him on the anxiety front, and then gave a counselor recommendation. I got boy started working on a latch hook rug kit and he’s loving it. What’s good is that he’s making something and he’s really enjoying it and being happy. I think it lessened his nausea today. Then we did some homework. We both read articles and then discussed them for his social studies class. Tomorrow we’ll do the same. He’s having a hard time focusing, which is unusual, but he’s on some serious medication, so that’s probably a lot of it. Plus the meds make him tired. Anyhow, I’m going to keep pushing to keep him distracted with activities and make him get out of the house every day. Don’t even care why.

Right now I’m being stared at by an unhappy dog. oops, no, he’s elected to jump on my lap.

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