Snow day

School was cancelled again today on account of snow. We’ve had about eight inches is my guess. Driving is really difficult for people. It’s especially hard on hills without 4wd (and sometimes even with it) and at lights and stops where they stop and can’t get traction to get up a hill. There’s a lot of abandoned cars. I didn’t go out in it today. Didn’t have anywhere to be and there wasn’t much point. Well, until the man got home. Then we grabbed the sleds and walked about a mile to a little sled hill. Girlie came, boy didn’t. He tried, but his stomach couldn’t make it. Girlie had fun, though trudging in that snow up and down hills was a bit of a workout. Came home and found out how frozen I was. Made sausage (yay dead pig!) and waffles for dinner, which both kids liked.

Unfortunately, freezing rain follows tomorrow. Luckily we don’t have to be anywhere any time soon. It’s odd, though. This is the kind of winter weather I expected from Montana and more often than not, the weather was a lot drier–dry snow that wouldn’t make a snowball–and it only came in a few storms. I thought there would be lots of storms like this in MT every winter. I was wrong. At least it’s not freaky cold. In the twenties and due to go up next week. I can definitely live with that.


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