not talking no sir

I may have some happy news soon, but can’t share. I got the editorial notes on Trace of Magic yesterday and now I’m making a plan on how to revise. Hopefully it will go smoothly. My editor like it quite a bit. I already had feedback on what was wrong and she only echoed that, so I’ve already had a chance to do some thinking and get it figured out a bit. I’ll be jumping on that right away.

I did a first page critique over at Magical Words if you want to have a gander.

The boy continues to throw up, though for the last couple of days he’s been down to just twice, with a fair bit of nausea. It’s been pouring here. We’re 10 inches from the season’s normal, so this is good. We can really use the water. A friend bought me some of these socks today for no good reason at all. They are so lovely and cool!  I want more, but $20 bucks is expensive. So I’ll revel in the pair I have and maybe when I finish the next book, I’ll treat myself. We’ll see. They are very very pretty though.

I’m going to be taking a trip in July and I really wanted to go in a train, but it will take over 2 days to get there by train and only about 6 or so by air. I guess I shouldn’t do the train thing. But one day I want to do a train trip. Just for fun.

I am in the mood to plant things. But it’s not time yet. There are all kinds of things that will do well here, so I’m going to start thinking about getting more flowers and things in the yard. Like calla lilies. And a peace rose. I love peace roses. Lots of other stuff too. Going to have to get to work soon and the garden beds and getting the yard ready (cutting some bushes out and getting rid of a couple of trees that I hate for fruit trees that I will like) and so on. Maybe a strawberry bed too. Thing is that it’s warm enough to get out there. The crocuses are blooming too! I didn’t know we had any! purple, yellow, and white.

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