The decision to ignore

I decided to make an effort this weekend to entirely ignore the writing and my issues with it. Instead, I decided that I wanted to get out of my head and try to find some equilibrium. I started this morning with sleeping in, then got up and made some chai and had grapefruit, then we went outside and planted some flowers (the primroses I bought awhile back and haven’t had a chance to get in). Then I watered all the new plants we’ve put in. After that, we decided to run errands and go eat. The boy of size was willing, so off we went. We ate some Chinese food, then went to an estate sale we drove past. We ended up having to walk a ways to get there, and that was good. Kids stayed in the car. Didn’t get anything, but it was fun to poke around. The walk was lovely. The air was redolent with all sorts of flowers.

After that, we went to run some other errands and ended up with some birdseed and feeders, and then we went and got gas and then stopped for an ice cream cone and headed home. There were naps in the afternoon, and then a before dinner walk, and after dinner dog brushing and toenail clipping.

Tomorrow is the beach. At least that’s the plan, providing the boy can handle it. The dogs definitely are looking forward to it. Me too. Maybe we’ll find something cool. No matter what, I’m going to enjoy the weather and the waves and the smells and the walk. I’m hoping to plan some bulbs this week. Our ground is clay, so I’ll need to put in some good dirt/peat/manure. I have a bunch to put in. I’m going a little bit overboard with the whole flower thing, but after Montana where too few things grew, it’s probably natural. Next we’ll need to get going on building the vegetable beds and getting them filled.

And I have to find some words. I just have to.



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