Whoohooo!!! and celebration occurs

I don’t want to be too soon on this, but today was the first no-barf day for my son in 2014. I’m beside myself. He’s on the super expensive medication that costs 4 dollars a pill and he can take up to six a day as needed. Yep. $275 for a 10 day supply. On the positive side, he took only two today and wasn’t fighting nausea all day. I’m holding my breath, afraid it won’t last. Still, the first no barf day in three months. It’s kind of a miracle.

In celebration, we are going to OMSI tomorrow. We’ve never been, and we’re looking forward to what it has to offer. The nice thing is is that we became members, so we can come and go all year, so if boy gets to feeling bad, we can leave without feeling like we’re wasting the money.

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