Digging through the work

I’ve got deadlines massing. Like when they talk about earthquakes swarming before a volcanic blast. Just like that. I’m working on Trace of Magic revisions, which are coming along nicely. I turned in an essay and expect revision notes soon. I received the next stage of The Cipher along with some other copy to read, and then I received The Black Ship to start revisions on. Plus I need to get then next Crosspointe under way. So pretty much, I’m trying to work and keep up and get stuff done.

Meanwhile, boy is still sick. No end in sight.

Meanwhile girlie is having trouble dealing with it. Trying to help her.

Plus trying to help my folks buy a house long distance. We’re hopefully going to get our vegetable beds built this weekend. Crossing my fingers.

I’m tired. Why am I tired? Going to go pass out now.


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