Bad movie watching

Watched Pitch Perfect. Far more bad language than anticipated, but the girlie loved the music and dancing and there were some moments of fun. Watching Battleship now. Same thing. Moments of fun, lots of action, and humor. Good cast. Not a great movie. But fun on a Saturday night if you don’t look too closely at the plot. The chompy whirley wheel things are awesome. I kind of want the Taylor Kitsch character to morph into Gambit. That would be pretty awesome, wouldn’t it?

Tried to do some clothes shopping this morning for Norwescon. I didn’t like anything I was able to find, but I did come home with some stuff for an upcoming child birthday and also some very bright and pretty couch pillows. They are also comfortable to nap on, as I was forced to take one today. Am not feeling that great. Not sure if it’s stress or something else. Not horrible, but tired and my intestines are a little unfriendly.

The Boy of size continues to be very very sick. He’s getting a test on Tuesday at stupid early thirty, but I’ll take it. Anything to help him. The doc increased the dose of the new medicine, but still no real effect. It takes time to build in the system, so I hold out hope.j

We cut down birch trees in the back today. Three of them. The next thing will be to get the rest of the bushes taken out, the vegetable and herb beds built, and then plant some fruiting things. Maybe an apple tree, some blueberry bushes, maybe raspberries. Girlie really wants raspberries and I would love the blueberries. Also, a friend knows about grafting and has some lovely plums, and so I’m hoping he’ll graft a plum onto our tree. He also gave me some corkscrew willow cuttings so I’m going to see about getting one into a pot. I would like to keep it dwarf sized. Bonsai sort of thing. But not super tiny like an actual bonsai.

Yesterday I did some good walking, less today. Dogs were exhausted but happy. I am going to have to go “tennising” with my girlie tomorrow. She’s eager. Mostly it will involve some short volleys, but we’ll have fun.

Plus I will be revising. Somewhere in there. Along with hugging barfy boy who is miserable.



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