The day is long

Got up at early dark thirty and took the boy for his test in Portland. He got me up twice last night to let me know that he’d been sick, poor kid.  The traffic was more obnoxious than I hoped for, but not as bad as I feared. We got checked in and boy ate his radioactive food, then started getting x-rays. We sat for hours with intermittent x-rays. In one two hour slot, we went to the gift shop where I bought a dragon and earrings. Then we went for a walk (fairly slow) and came back to wait awhile longer and then get the next x-ray. Eventually we got food and drove home. I managed grab a twenty minute nap before picking up girlie, then we went to see Captain America. I enjoyed it. I have questions yet, but I guess I’ll have to find someone who saw it too and knows more of the Marvel mythology.

Tomorrow I have to get organized and packed for Norwescon, and then I have to go run errands. Thursday I head to Seattle for Norwescon. I am seriously hoping I get some sleep tonight.

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