After a slight meltdown this week–an intersection of many difficult things–I have been trying to put in a lot more extra hours on the writing. It’s paying off. I finished the revision of Trace of Magic, finished the page proofs of The Cipher, and today will tackle the revision of The Black Ship (light–tightening for reissue). I’m also trying to sort out the plot for the next and nameless Crosspointe book. That’s more tough than it might seems since I have to do a lot of wrapping up of the story line. Hope I can do it in the space I’ve got. No panic here. I also drafted my syllabus for the summer teaching in Colorado. I still have to prepare my talk for the conference, but it’s based on one I gave at the writing retreat, so I should be golden.

I also got my bicycle. It’s a cruiser style and it gives me a way to sit up more and put less pressure on my hands, wrists, and shoulders. It has speeds, too, so maybe I’ll manage the hills around here. One can hope. The real question is can I manage not to fall off it, since I’m a clutz. We’ll see.

Next week is Miscon. I have my schedule, and I’ll post it shortly. I’ll be busy. It’s going to be fun.

Not sleeping well. Tossing and turning. Not sure if it’s the heat (we got a bit warm here but it’s supposed to cool off this week) or if it’s my mind’s inability to shut down. Dogs are mad at me for not spending more time with them. I’m managing to snitch in some reading as I sit in waiting rooms. I read a Jenn Bennet book and enjoyed it. Now reading a Darynda Jones book. So far it’s good. I expect I’ll finish it tomorrow in the waiting room at the hospital while boy undergoes the test he was supposed to have last week. It’s a long one. About three or four hours.

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