What day is it?

It’s been a rough week for the boy. The test we had scheduled got canceled because he has to be off one of his drugs for a week. So that is now rescheduled for next Friday. In the meantime, he’s been sick. I don’t know if that’s a consequence of being off the pill (probiotics if you’re asking) or not. He’s also getting a CT stomach scan and we’re going to try to wash all of his clothes and etc. at a laundromat. We fear that there is potentially a mold in the washer. So we try. We’ve already been using hypoallergenic detergent.

In the meantime, we have been getting mom and dad settled in the new house. That’s been really nice. I did get some work done this week and we have now got the herb beds built, and tomorrow we’ll get the veggie beds built. We won’t get the dirt in until later this week, but then we should get planting. We’ve had a bunch of rain and I need to do a bunch of weeding. My roses have begun blooming. I’m so excited. And of course the rhodies and the azaelias, the irises, the dogwood, and a bunch of other stuff is blooming. Primroses too. I just want to get the food stuff in the ground.

I also brushed the dogs tonight. Got a full dog off one of them. Had to stop because he got tired of it, so I will be brushing again tomorrow or the next day. The house is in desperate need of cleaning. I wish someone else would come do that. Sadly, no one ever does. I have a ton of other work to get done, so I’m not sure what I’m going to do about the cleaning. I do head to Miscon in a couple of weeks. That will be fun, but a long drive. The family isn’t coming. Usually they do, but sadly the boy being sick puts a kibosh on that. Wish I had a driving partner.

My dahlias are coming up. I never planted any before and am excited about it. i still haven’t got some bulbs in and it’s getting late. Need to get on that. Also I need to get my birdfeeders hung and the hummingbird feeder.

Don’t have any big plans for Mother’s Day. Going to go to Costco and pick up a script for the boy and maybe do some weeding. Yeah, fantabulous. Going to take my mom some flowers at some point.

Terribly interesting stuff going on. I read a couple of books this week. One was written by someone I know and so not a lot of open comments there. I enjoyed it. It was UF and a lot of fun, but thin in places. I could keep my mind from pushing against the weak spots while reading because it had some good stuff, but after, when I considered a review, I decided that I would have to dig into those places and it made the book worse for me. I’d rather remember it fondly.

The other book is by an author I don’t know. I enjoyed it. It’s the first in a long and popular series. It’s campy and rompy and fun, but tons of thing places and has a fair bit of Mary Sue going on. I’m trying to decide if I want to read the next one, or just have a fond memory of this one. I made the mistake of reading a few reviews on the next one, which were good, but have indicated some of the weaknesses continue. A lot of it was plot development, a lot of how the hell did that happen? and why are those people so stupid? And of course, the Mary Sue stuff. Anyhow, so while I had a lot of fun reading, after it left me unfulfilled. So we’ll see.

My next reads will be my own books on the editing/proofing/revising/planning bus. Buses. Several. Hopefully I’ll get a lot done soon, because I need to get started on the new Crosspointe book ASAP.



    • Di Francis

      Mary Sue (also Gary Stu of male) is a character who is wonderful. All the men love her, she solves every problem, everyone listens to her, she’s beautiful, athletic, smart, sexy, and articulate. There’s just about nothing she can’t do. Here’s a wikipedia page on it: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mary_Sue

      In this book, the Mary Sue character is quickly the sexual target of several men. She is stunningly smart compared to the men, walking in and solving all sorts of problems with her quick thinking while they admire her smarts. She is always the one who has the solution to issues.

      • Tine

        Thanks. I had never heard the term before. All I could think of was, “When Mary Sue got married” or something close to that.

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