Updatery on a Tuesday

Wow, I thought it was Monday. We have a potential diagnosis on my son. I’m not convinced it’s the problem because I’ve had raised hopes before and I had them totally dashed. So I’m trying to not let that happen. He started his very expensive medication today for bacterial overgrowth in the lower gi. Basically he has the wrong bacteria in the wrong place. The antibiotic for it is serious. I’m hoping it won’t whack the hell out of his stomach. I put him back on a probiotic with the ingredients that the doc says are proven to help the condition, so let’s hope it will work. He’s been so very sick this last week it’s been breaking my heart.

I’ve been getting some work done. I’m pleased about that. The new veggie beds we installed this weekend are complete but need to be planted. I got in some starts, but I’ll have to put the seeds in when I get back from Miscon. I didn’t want to put them in because the dogs have been tromping through the beds. Darn pushy snotty corgis.

Haven’t been sleeping well. I’d like to get over that. Wouldn’t it be ironic if I did better at the con. Sigh.

Oh, and I got a wonderful fabulous and amazing blurb from Faith Hunter on Trace of Magic. More on that later, but she said she loved the book!!!! Squeee!


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