Miscon thus far

Miscon so far has been a huge delight. Not that I’m surprised, but I love this con more and more. I left Weds. to travel to  Seattle to Andrea Howe’s place where several of us spent the night after eating at the AFK Tavern (for nerds and geeks and so fun), and then we jumped in our party bus (van) after a hearty breakfast, and headed for Missoula.

Since then I’ve had a couple of panels which were well-attended and fun, I have talked to so many old and new friends alike, I’ve toured the art room and the dealer’s room and will be heading back for purchasing, and I’ve had my dragon drawn. Rob Carlos, fabulous artist, drew my dragon last night. It’s amazing. AMAZING. I’m sharing it here for you because, it’s AMAZING!!!

Okay, the dragon isn’t showing up for you, even though it does on this post, so click here for the Facebook post, which will hopefully be visible.

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