getting stuff done and not

This weekend seemed to fly by with much laziness and bouts of work. I didn’t get writing done. I did get sleeping done. We also got a lot of shopping done, including blueberry bushes, more dirt, and some other plants. We finally found some everbearing strawberries and got them put in, got the cages on the tomatoes, got the peppers all in, and some other things. The blueberries will hopefully go in tomorrow and the same with some other stuff, and then we have to get to the hardware store to get some more stuff to get things finished up and get seeds in. Maybe the seeds will go in tomorrow too. We finished building the beds and filling them with dirt and putting up a fence and planting and in between we slept a lot. I don’t know if I’m recovering from the con, or if I’ve been caffeinating and now that I’m not really, I’m feeling the need to sleep and recover from  . . . whatever.

The boy continues to barf and is very unhappy. The rifaximin seems not to have done the trick.

Jay Lake has passed. I am so very sad about it.

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