what to say?

I was going to post something interesting and useful and entertaining today. Sadly, I got nothing.

Today is my birthday. I was asked by my children not to get up on time, but to wait until they came for me. I agreed. They brought me breakfast in bed consisting of blueberry lego waffles, syrup, and some raspberries. I promptly dropped my onto my sheets. Oops. I rescued the food and ate, then my son collected the plates, dripping syrup all over the floor and dog bed. I got up, sliding across the syrup. I stripped the sheets and cleaned the carpet and dog bed, then got in the shower. Oh, I also got all syrup all over the toilet seat. Cleaned that up. Maybe that story is entertaining. Huh.

Going to go over to the coast tomorrow and run the dogs on the beach.

Did I mention that I’m a semifinalist in the Amtrak Writer Residency program? Apparently 16000 writers applied and 115 people made the semi finals. I’m a little bit stunned and excited and hopeful. It would be awesomely cool.


  • Michelle Whelan

    Happy birthday, just read that you are going to continue the Horngate Witches series – absolutely loved Max’s story can’t wait for the next book

  • Leslie R.

    Happy belated birthday! That’s exciting about the Amtrak residency. It would be really cool if you got to do that!

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