Must do a Giveaway!!!!

Look what I got in the mail today!!!

The book is gorgeous. You have no idea. I’ve updated the information page on it with the updated first chapter.  ciphercoverbox

So it seems to me I need to give some away. I’m going to. Let’s see, I need posts here or on my Mad Libs blog. And they should say . . . that you want a copy. And you should give me a color. Any color.

If you have any, I’d love recommendations for where I might send a copy to get reviewed. If you know a reviewer, point them out to me. I’d love to get noise on this. And I’d love to do some blog appearances or anything else. So if you can help me out, please do! Everyone from anywhere is free to enter. I’ll get the book to you.


Deadline to Enter is July 1 at Midnight!


  • Sharla Long

    The covers are beautiful, love the contrasts – pink, i would have to say pink. Oh, by the way, I want a copy! LOL!

  • Kathy McCracken

    I can’t wait to read it again & would love for you to send me a copy with the gorgeous new cover! I will be seeing RED with the publishers until the Crosspointe series gets finished! 🙂

  • Megan geottman

    Oh yes I would certainly love a new revised copy to accompany my other one. Although one way or another I will acquire it 🙂 as for a color autumns pumpkin orange 🙂

  • Hannah

    I’m so excited to see this! I absolutely love the series and I’ve been lamenting that they aren’t in e-book format yet. I’d loooove to win a copy of the book, especially since the first chapter is updated!

    Oh, and green!

    The only blog/review of books I read is Smart Bitches, Trashy Books. They review a whole slew of novels, not just romances, so it might be worth a shot 🙂 They have a pretty big following, with some decently high profile authors on their podcast.

  • Leann Rasch

    I would love to get a copy of this book and I would give you a review on Goodreads and Amazon. My fav color is Black.

    I loved the Horngate series.


  • Laura

    I’d love a copy!

    And I could certainly have you over at my blog. I’ve helped other authors with signal boosts and blog tours in the past.

    As for review sites, I’d definitely recommend I Smell Sheep,

    And I absolutely must say … mmm, Lilac.

  • Lauri

    I want to win! For a color… indigo. I don’t know any book reviewers beyond the usual websites but I’d be happy to write a recommendation in various places if I happened to have a copy of the book to read. 🙂

  • Adrianne

    My favorite color is lilac. Or blue. Sky blue. I can’t choose!

    I promise to review Cipher on BN, Amazon & Goodreads.

    Please don’t send me a paper book, though. I can read either ePub or Kindle if your offer extends to digital copies.

  • Margo-Lea

    Lovely cover. Reviewers I follow on Twitter include @mybookishways @booksmugglers @bookwormblues … You could search for any handle with “book” in it. If I win a copy I’d review it on Goodreads, maybe Amazon. Did I mention I would be pleased to win a copy? And my favorite colors mix blues & greens. Teal, turquoise, peacock blue.

  • Sean Corrigan

    Oh i love the gorgeous cover of The Cipher, i want a copy, would love to win and indulge its pages 🙂 *Magenta*

  • LineJ

    I would love a lovely book. It looks gorgeous.

    Since it is summertime I will go with turquoise.

  • Bethany C.

    Yes, please! The spider that lives in my mailbox would be super happy to see a package from you enter his home.
    Color-green. Hunter, should you prefer a specific.
    Bitten by Books was the first site that came to mind. Even though I know these aren’t uf, allthingsurbanfantasy branches out a little (and you could hype your uf series too.) Sci fi chick maybe?,

  • Eva

    I would love a copy. And, sky blue.
    I don’t know any blogs that haven’t been mentioned yet, but if I win, I will post a review on Amazon Germany and Goodreads.

  • Rebe

    Color: royal blue. Tis my favorite, but I’ll let you borrow it. 😉

    I suggest The Bookpushers. They review a lot of sci-fi romance & I’ve found some great books b/c of their recommendations (Fires of Nuala, Jaran, are a few examples).

  • Maria

    I would love a book! And the color I choose is ultramarine, because it’s not just marine, it’s ULTRA!

  • Adrienne Kania

    I would love the opportunity to have a copy of your book, hard or Kindle-compatible. And coral is the color.

  • Valli Pherson

    If Carol Berg recommens a book, I want to read it. I would enjoy winning a copy of yours. Celedon

  • Jennifer Crow

    That’s a beautiful book! I’d love to win a copy of it. Oh, and my color is forest green.

  • Lacey Ruby

    I would love a copy of your book! I love reading your works. I’m rather partial to charcoal grey and purples.

  • Auraya

    I’d love a copy. I want to know how much it’s changed from the originals. And turquoise, but not for a book cover.

    For review sites, has already reviewed some of the Horngate books. They’d probably jump at the chance for these.

  • Tine


    I would love a copy. I have already bought the ebook version and I have just finished rereading the entire series.

    My friend is revamping her website and is looking for authors to talk about and host. Elizabeth Andrews. She is on facebook.

    Congrats on the books.


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