You’d think it would be easier

Maybe it’s just that my life isn’t terribly exciting, but I can’t seem to find things to say to update my blog. Or maybe I’m busy. Sure. That’s it.

I’m busy writing the untitled second book of the Diamond City Magic series. And I have a cover for Trace of Magic! Let me show you . . .

Trace of Magic  Isn’t it pretty? Remember, you can preorder for Kindle, right now. There will be a trade paperback available on August 29th. I’m not entire sure why it is they can’t do print preorders, but the book itself will be lovely. Bell Bridge does a stunning job. So if you’d like to wait for a print copy, it will be available, and through all the major outlets.

In other news, we’re heading to Montana for a week, and then to Spocon. If you want to catch up with me, let me know. I plan to get into whatever local stores I can to sign books. But I’m happy to meet up with people at a coffee shop or at the con if you are interested. Let me know.

The boy of size is still barfing. He’s terrible low in Vitamin D, so he’s going to get a prescription for that. He was taking it OTC, but that’s not doing enough. Despite the barfing, he is determined to go to Montana to see friends. I worry he won’t manage, but here’s hoping he’s okay. Maybe it will be just what he needs. The dogs are coming with us. They get to be on a corgi panel at Spocon. The stars of the panel. Spoiled rotten little beasties.

I read J Kathleen Cheney’s The Golden City and Seat of Magic. Both are amazing books. If you haven’t seen them, have a look. They are historical, magical, police procedures, and just delightful.

I’m now reading a book I don’t like at all. I’ve got to decide if I’m going to fight through it or read something else. What do you do when you don’t like a book? I paid for it, so I figure I ought to read it. But then again, with so many books out there, do I waste valuable reading time by reading something that I dislike? The thing is, lots of people like this author. Is there something wrong with me?

Tomorrow I go in bright and stupid early for my yearly physical. There’s only one word for that: Blech. Don’t want to do it.



  • Adrianne

    Say hi to Montana for me. It’s been way too long since I was up that way.

    Best wishes to Boy.

    On the reading front? If you don’t like it, move on. Life’s too short to read stuff you don’t enjoy. And yes, there are plenty of authors out there that I don’t enjoy that are supposed to be wonderful. I had this discussion yesterday with a friend who loves _The Kite Runner_. I never got past the third chapter. It may be a great book, but it’s not for me.

  • Tine

    Hi, hope your family enjoys Montana.

    As for books that are boring….even an author that I enjoy can write books that just don’t do it for me. I have learnt to stay away from a really popular author if they cowrite with certain authors, the mix just doesn’t work in my opinion.

    I have just found an author that I really liked their series, I ended up buying all 6 or 7 in the series. I discovered that they had written two other series and bought one. It is horrible, boring, boring, just boring. The first series I read in little under a week, the second series I read 5 or 6 other books in between the three books in the series.

    I have a policy, if I don’t like the books I either delete them out of my kindle or give the books away to a library. Either way, they aren’t worth the shelf space.

    Most times, I stick it out to the bitter end, but, I am learning to just drop the book if I don’t like it nowadays. As Adrianna says, life is too short to read bad books. Move on to something else that is good or great.

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