In the mood

I’m in the mood to bake. I have been for awhile, but I’m actually getting off my ass to try some stuff out. Today I made upside down cranberry cake. I stupidly made it in a springform pan, which let a lot of juice leak out. But it was still tremendously good. I love the tartness of the berries. Is there any such thing as Cranberry jelly? Because I’m thinking I want to try to make some. I googled, and apparently jelly is usually cranberry sauce. So I’m going to have to experiment, methinks.

Tomorrow I want to make some cranberry orange bread, and also some cinnamon rolls. If I have time. I also plan to go to Costco for some last minute stuff I didn’t realize I need. I can’t go until well after open, since I have an extra minion spending the night tonight. So it will be an adventure of the harrowing kind. Wheee! Oh, also need to make a chocolate bourbon pecan pie. It’s a tasty thing.

The boy has been running a fever. It was around 103 plus a bit today. Tonight it’s all gone. I expect it will be back. He’s thrown up some, but not as bad as last week by far.

Made white chicken chile today. One of my favorite meals. So that means I don’t have to cook tomorrow. I can just do some baking and errand running. Or one errand to Costco that takes a long long long long long time.

Oh, found a flourless chocolate cookie recipe I am going to try, also.

Oh, and last night the boy bites his lip in the middle of the night and comes to wake me up. He seriously bit it. His whole bottom lip was fat. So I got up and gave him some ibuprofen and ice and sat up with him for awhile and then went back to bed. So last night was long. Again. Sigh. And I”m up late tonight because the slumbering girlies are not slumbering and they keep getting up.

I have a holiday craft project in mind and I’m looking forward to getting started on it. I hope it turns out. I want it to turn out pretty.  I have to admit I like sappy holiday movies and the lights and decorations of the year. I am not such a fan of all the retail crap, but I love Christmas music and baking and friends and just the holiday feeling. Makes me want to write a Christmas story of some kind. I should consider how I could do that and try. Not this year. No time. But I’d like to. Maybe a short story or a novella, because, you know, I’m likely to go long.




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