The end of the week

The boy’s been sick. The ulcer treatment is not working well yet. Been adding in some herbal stuff to help, but he’s still got a fair bit of pain and vomiting. On a 1 t0 10 scale, he’s been pretty hard in the 9-10 pain and nausea range. I got him to go to school today for all of two hours. It was a start. I’m proud of him for trying. I’m hoping next week he does better. He’s got to just keep trying, keep struggling through. I hope he can. I hope the medications start to really make a difference soon for him.

Work in the back yard has commenced. It’s all ripped up. Soon we will have better drainage, a bigger patio, and a covered area. With spring coming (and it is! Trees are blooming and so are camelias and primroses!)

I’m getting close to finished the revisions on Edge of Dreams. I’m pleased with it. I hope all of you will be.



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