When the revision cuts aren’t snippet worthy

Been working on Edge of Dreams revisions. Made a bunch of cuts and thought hey, I could post a snippet or two from the cuts. Except they aren’t worthy. I suppose that’s why they get cut. I didn’t even want to share some darlings that I cut. They lost their shine. So no snippets.

I write on a mac. I use Microsoft word 2008 for make. It’s getting really buggy. Keeps crashing during my revisions. I have no idea why. I really don’t want to update to a newer version. Course I don’t know if I have to subscribe now or not. I hate the ribbon version. I wonder if I should just reinstall from the disk, but then I wouldn’t have all the updates. I am used to word, so I don’t really want to change. I’m not sure what to do. I have Scrivener, but need to learn to use it. I could use Pages, but again, don’t know if it will work for me. I really don’t want a learning curve.

I have no idea what I want to do. Dammit.


  • Hannah S

    So, I felt the same as you – I loved Office 2008 and didn’t want to upgrade. I got a Mac a few years ago, and played around with the Mac software and didn’t like it. I also tried the free version of office software – apache openoffice. It does okay, but I also didn’t really like it.

    I went ahead and bought Office 2011 for my Mac from Amazon, and I actually really like it. I’d recommend it – plus, it’s a one time download fee, and no subscription, like they’re doing now with Office 365.


    That’s the link to the exact Microsoft Office I downloaded. I hope it works for you!

    • Di Francis

      The cost is something I could do without right now, but what I really hate is having to use the ribbon. I would have to learn it. I so like 2008! Crap. Word is there might be a new 2015 version on the horizon. Wonder what that will be like.

      • Hannah S

        Microsoft is now moving to a subscription service, where you get all future updates, but you have to pay a yearly fee that’s generally around $100 per year. It’s basically so they don’t have to service older versions of Office like they do now.

        You can still buy Office 2008, but it will just continue to have more problems as Microsoft is moving away from providing future updates to fix bugs, etc.

        I will say that Office 2011 is similar enough to Office 2008 that I was able to figure it out reasonably well. It’s mostly that they moved buttons around than changing how Office works. There is also more functionality with it.

  • Adrianne

    I was very sad when I upgraded from Word 2008 to Word 2011. Huge learning curve. Lots of new things I didn’t like.

    I moved to Scrivener, which works great, EXCEPT! I loved having all my info in one file. Scrivener puts each chapter into a different file, which, among other things, makes sharing bits and pieces of your book annoying.

    Also deeply wished for? The ability to compare copies. Word has it, Scrivener doesn’t.

    Honestly? I may do my next novel in GoogleDocs. Simple. Easy to learn. Downloads as Word file. Allows for a TOC. Does a nice job with comments. Always available on any computer. Allows more than one person to make comments if desired, so you don’t need to merge them.

    • Di Francis

      I usually write in separate files (chapters) but I really like to control that. I’ve never compared copies. I’m pretty sure that would drive me crazy, but then sometimes it would be handy.

      I’m nervous of Googledocs. I like things on my computer. I don’t like working of cloud programs. Just hate it. Hate when I don’t have wifi or something like that happens. Unless I misunderstand how to use it.

      • MaryW

        Use google drive for backups. It is offsite and you can access it from any computer. I use it. I also keep all my data on a separate hard-drive. Additionally, whenever I install a program or before the updates are installed I backup the operating using Norton Ghost. There are other good programs for this but Ghost is easy. I program and cannot be locked out of my computer while I re-install the operating system and all the programs. I do not like external drives but the cloud is easy to use.

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