Book review: Last Shot by Eve Gaddy

I gave this book five stars.

I received this book from NetGalley.

I so thoroughly enjoyed this Last Shot by Eve Gaddy. I couldn’t put it down, in fact. It’s a romance with a mystery. Nick is a homicide cop who’s coming off a bad case, and Della is a waitress with a troubled background. Both Nick and Della were amazing characters. They had depth and the problems between them felt real and not manufactured. I wondered if I’d feel that it went on too long, but it didn’t at all. I thought the emotional growth and development was perfect and realistic.

I thought that the bad guys (names redacted for spoilers) might be a little thin and wish there’d been a little bit more development there, but in the end, it didn’t detract from the story. I was afraid that the redeemed (ish) bad guy would get forgiven, but he wasn’t.

Allie was well-drawn as a kid and the relationship between her and Della was right on. It was lovely to see a kid who was part of the story and not just tacked on for effect.

All in all the writing on this book was compelling, the relationships so realistic and powerful, and the ending pulled everything together perfectly. I so enjoyed this book.

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