Sunday and the quiet

The quiet is nice. The man took the kidlets away to fish so I could have peace and quiet. School gets out this next week for both of them, so soon I will get no relief. I love my kids, but sometimes alone time and quiet is necessary.

Speaking of kids, Boy of Size came into our room at about 5 a.m. Seems he couldn’t sleep and was freaking out. So I let him climb into bed with me and the man (I tossed the Voodoo dog out of bed–he’s been sneaking up when he thinks I’m not looking) and then rubbed his shoulders and back and tried to calm him down. Voodoo immediately bounced back up because jealousy. Anyhow, boy felt a little better and went back to sleep.

On the positive side, he’s been having fewer seizure episodes. He’s been going with days between. Bad side is he’s had a rough week. Nausea, pain, some vomiting. Setbacks have to be expected, so I’m hoping that next week looks up.



  • Raquel Gulley

    Peace and quiet is something we all need. And I really hope he gets to feeling better!

    • Di Francis

      Me too. And they came home with many fish (which they will either eat or take to a good home at my parents’ house, since I do not eat fish). And more importantly, the man figured out why the AC wasn’t working because it’s freaking hot here.

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