Books I’ve been reading

I’ve read about five books in the last few weeks that I haven’t reviewed here. Mostly they didn’t thrill me and I didn’t feel like talking about them. They were okay, but not particularly good or bad. Well, one was kinda bad. Anyhow, if I didn’t get them from NetGalley, I don’t feel obligated to review them. And even then I don’t. If I don’t like it enough, I send a note the publisher saying so. Mostly I prefer to review books that I find meaty to review. By that I mean interesting problems, or damned good reads, or books that move me in some fashion. These others have simply been fine. Entertaining on some levels, but nothing I care to spend time on reviewing.

Tomorrow, or almost today, is a doctor day with the boy. I don’t have to drive this time, so I’ll knit on the way up, read through the two appointments, and knit on the way home. I hope I have enough yarn for these socks. I put a horrible little light blue cuff on the the top of the first one. The bind-off was too loose for my taste. It’s a short sock and very wearable, but I bought a book to learn how to do better socks. Anyhow, have to do the second sock of this pair first.

I need to figure out a good pattern for a baby blanket. Crochet or Knit. Haven’t found anything I love yet. Starting to think about making stuff for Xmas gifts. I know, crazy, but since it takes time, I figure I out to start thinking.

Still worried about dad. No real change yet. Spent the evening with the folks and that was nice. Tried to go out and see the Venus/Jupiter conjunction but couldn’t find it. I don’t know if we weren’t looking low enough on the horizon. Thinking about heading outside to try again. And then sleep.




  • Raquel Gulley

    The going outside to see Venus/Jupiter and sleep sounds awesome. I’m stuck living with my grandparents and trying get sleep here is like try to stop a volcano from erupting. And I’m sorry to her there has been no change in your father’s foot!

    • Di Francis

      I missed going out tonight. I’ll have to try tomorrow. Is it super hot where you are? It’s ten something here and still almost 90. Hot night. Glad ot be running the AC and fans.

  • Denisetwin

    For nice baby blankets, I’ve been buying fleece, using a skip stitch cutter and then crocheting elaborate trim around it. Love that it works up quickly and looks great. I’ve paired them with a crocheted infant owl hat, and burp cloth with crochet edging.

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