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You may not know this, but the third Diamond City Magic book is due at the end of this month. And I’m yanking my hair out. Mostly because where I thought it was going to end isn’t going to be where it ends and I’ve got to figure out a solid ending. But I have plenty of stuff to put into the next book. I left Riley in a rather bad place today, and oh! I managed to squeeze in an Elmer Fudd reference. Cuz yanno. That’s always entertaining. For me anyhow. And really, if I’m not entertained, how will you be?

Family is important in this book, as you might guess. And someone just found a family skeleton in the closet. It’s so fun!!!

And a small snippet:

“The FBI brought you here,” he said, his voice lifeless.

“They thought I could help,” she said with a little nod.

“Help them break me.”

“If I could. They needed to see you for what you are.”

His head tipped. “What am I?”

Her lip curled. “An abomination. A demon from the depths of hell. Satan’s own spawn.”



  • Denisetwin

    LOL well why doesn’t she say what she really thinks about him, LOL If you ever need a beta reader, I’ve some experience with Ilona Andrews doing that.

    • Di Francis

      You know, I frequently don’t have time between finishing and sending to edit, but I might just take you up on that, especially with another longer term project I’m working on that I am thinking of self-pubbing. I love it a lot, but it’s going to be a series of shorter things–about half novels really. At least at this point.

      • Denisetwin

        sure, anytime – I was taught speed reading in elementary school – which was great, but had the unfortunate side effect that I’ve inhaled books, mainly sci-fi/fantasy since third grade (my conservative Mom somehow thought books at the library must be okay and never watched what we checked out) so I read Heinlein and everything else on the adult sci/fi shelf by fourth grade. I know what I like and read with a critical eye. For Ilona I used the “comments” function in MS Word all through the manuscript, and I would be happy to sign non-disclosure etc as ticks me off when leaks happen to my favorite authors.

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