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The fam and I met up with Laura Anne Gilman today in Portland. We had a lovely brunch and I got to see some GISHWES pictures. It was terrific.

I’m so annoyed with the ongoing Hugos business. I know these awards are important, but at this point, I’d rather ignore them and just pretend they don’t exist. Maybe that’s because I have no dogs in the hunt and am likely never to have. My books don’t generate that kind of award interest. I might just be selfish. I also have to much to do to worry about that kind of stupidity.  I also think that people ought to be more civil and less shitty.

The book is not done, but getting closer. Still no title.

I have garnered several unhappy reviews on Amazon of late for Edge. Note to self–stop reading the damned reviews already.

We figured out how to get the plum jelly to set up. We pitted a bunch and put them in the freezer for later canning. I also have a bunch of peaches I picked up to peel and pit. I was cutting some up for dinner tonight and a pincer bug crawled out of the pit. I screamed. I admit it. Then I killed it. But one doesn’t expect bugs to craw out of the pit.

I finished two different books that I need to review. I liked them both, though they were quite different from each other. I get to start another tomorrow, as I’ll be doing dentist appointments with the kids. And later this week will be doc appointment with the boy. Appointments are reading time.

Last night we went to see a drive in movie. It was a double feature. People drove in with loveseats in the backs of their trucks. *boggles*  Anyhow, it was fun, but started later than I expected. We watched Inside Out, and we left before Antman, since it started at 11:30 and we had to be up early this a.m. It was fun, but the sound wasn’t great. You tune into a radio station. That’s great, but we were sitting outside and even though lots of people had their radios up, the sound wasn’t great. Next time, I think we’ll bring a portable radio to boost the sound. We hadn’t done this since before the kids were born, and it was huge fun. Kids sat in the front seat of the truck and thought that was massively cool.

We still want to go out and pick more blackberries, but I’m not sure that we will get back out. Which makes me sad.

The garden is growing well. At least the cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers and vines are. But the beans are questionable. Not sure they are going to produce. I need to make some banana bread and some peach/blueberry something in order to use those all up. Maybe a cobbler or a crisp or something.

I need to get some work done around the house this week. I need to seal the wood on the porch, and also get a bunch of weeding and other stuff done. But the book first. I think. I might get up stupid early Tuesday and work on the porch.

We took the bikes out last night for a short ride and it did not go well. For whatever reason, I overheated, almost like heat stroke. Except I wasn’t that hot and we didn’t do that much. I was well hydrated, so I don’t know. The man had the same problem.

That brings me to my exercise update. So like I said before, I wanted to do 21 days in a row. I have two days left to go and I’ll make it. Then I hope I’ll keep going without a break. That’s my hope. I’ve been really resistant the past few days, but I’m really going to try hard.

That said, I almost screwed up seriously the other day. It was late, I hadn’t exercised, and we had some errands to run. So I said I would walk a ways and the fam could pick me up on the way. We live on a hill. I walked down it. Now down seems like it ought to be great, but I was going faster and it was steepish, and put a lot of pressure on the tops of my feet and my ankles. Then I came to a big long hill and I huffed and puffed up it. By this time, my ankles were starting to lock up. I tried to stop and stretch, and I also drank from my water. Then I started on a long downhill again. By the time they caught up with me, I’d hit flat land, but my ankles and the tops of my feet and my calves really hurt. And they kept hurting. Today when I went walking, it took about a mile for my to just loosen up enough not to be in agony. I wasn’t walking very fast, either. I was just trying to move and to loosen up. By the time I got home, I was feeling pretty good. So I hope tomorrow I’m still feeling good.

We are working on getting my treadmill set up as a walking desk. I don’t know if that will work, but I’m hoping to just move a little more. I don’t know how much I”ll be able to write while doing it, but hopefully I can do things like reviews, or reading, or things like that, will be easy enough.

And now, it’s time to sleep, perchance to wake up and take children to the dentist.



  • Denisetwin

    Congrats on the exercise goal! Good for you meeting it despite the pain! Don’t read the reviews!! Every author says that and most still admit they read at least some even though they know very little if any good will come from it. I’ve totally ignored the Hugos – if it’s turned into drama season, I’ve no time for it.

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