The Dreams are Weird

I only remember dreams sometimes, and most of the time they are strange and I don’t really interpret them to mean much of anything, unless I can get a story out of them. Last night I had an odd dream about one of our dogs getting taken. Right out of our car. The thing is, this dog has been dead for about seven years now. She was a full blood malamute and it’s unlikely that anybody in actuality could have taken her in real life. She wasn’t so trusting of strangers and she was big. Right now we have two little dogs that would probably go with Freddy Krueger if he came by. The dream was quite upsetting because we didn’t get her back. Course I woke up before the dream ended. It was a constant disappointing search. What I can’t quite figure out is why my lizard brain decided to freak me out about a dog who’s been dead for years. I mean, huh?

I am also catching a cold. My daughter has had it for a week or so and I’m downing vitamin C and Zicam in an effort to avoid it, plus drinking lots of tea. Sleeping soundly would be a good thing. Sadly last night was not such a night.

I need to start tinkering with chai recipes again and see if I can make one I really like. Oh, yesterday we picked and smoked a bunch of red jalapenos, which turns them into chipotle peppers. I ground some today. They are delish. Plan to grind it all in the mortar and pestle. Next year will consider canning some. I also picked a lot of other peppers. Need to fire roast them and freeze them.



  • Adrianne

    Loss is like that. It comes and goes.

    There are probably dozens of chai recipes out there to tinker with. I can’t drink coffee, tea, milk or eat chocolate. But Yogi Tea used to make a Carob Mocha tea that I loved. This is as close as I can come:
    8 Tbs Roasted Carob pieces
    4 Tbs Cinnamon pieces
    4 Tbs Roasted Chickory root
    2 Tbs Sweet green cardamom
    2 Tbs fresh ginger root, chopped into 1/8″ cubes
    2 Tbs Crushed allspice

    I started with the ingredient list for this tea, and no proportions. The original ingredients included cloves in place of allspice, and black pepper, which I don’t like. The tea has a fabulous bouquet on the first day. The ginger should be allowed to dehydrate for a day before storing. This tea is also fabulous when mixed half and half with peppermint or spearmint.

  • Denisetwin

    hugs. I use Tylenol PM when it’s gone too long and I just need a bit of help to get some desperately needed sleep.

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