Today I mourn

I am weeping. Ugly crying. A mass shooting occurred at a community college south of here. A good friend teaches there. He is okay. Others are not. One paper reports a student eye-witness saying she saw her writing teacher get shot in the head.

Too, too close to home. A friend. A job I used to do. Students who are children and brothers and sisters. So much tragedy, so much hurt. I have no words for how awful this is.

I have just learned that my friend’s best friend was the first shot. My heart is broken.

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  • Paula Porter

    Diana, so sorry, I did not realize you were that close to the area. What a beautiful campus from seeing the news on television. It hits close to home for me as I still teach at a small college. And while we “practice” for these type of events, can we ever really be prepared when it happens. I love teaching and my college, and there are days like today when I am glad I am a hybrid and online teacher and only go in on one day. On NBC news tonight they said that until today, there were 41 school shootings and 9 deaths, out of the 45 mass shootings all together this year in the U.S. It is frightening that the one place we expect our children and young people to be safe and learn how to live full and productive lives now is a place of fear. Hugs to you, Tony and the kidlets.

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