I just got invited to be in a really awesome anthology based on another writers oh so awesome world. I can’t give details. Sorry. But it’s going to be amazing and so I’m rereading the novels starting today.

In other news, Boy of Size got the upper rack of his braces on today. All went smoothly, thank goodness. We even got there on time, despite traffic and events conspiring against us.

I’ve been working through a revision on this WIP. It’s a little bit aggravating how slow it’s going. Mostly it’s my fault because a little tweak here becomes a serious fix later. And then I have to cut things that I really liked because they no longer fit, so then I have to go back to the tweak and see if it was worth it or could be done differently . . . Sigh. Today I cut out a scene I really really liked. It doesn’t work anymore.

I’m also trying to bolster up some of the emotional depth of one of the characters. And cut the redundancy from another. It’s just depressingly slow, and that’s to some extent because I’m distracted by life. I have to stop that. And stop being online when I’m writing. I need to focus, avoid the news and too much research.




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