The aftermath

A rain storm moved in just in time for trick or treating in our neighborhood and even though usually we get swarmed by kids getting driven into our neighborhood and so on (last year we ended up with 200), this year we ended up with only about 80. What that means is a lot more candy leftover than we planned on. Cause I didn’t plan on any. Yeah. Not good.

In the meantime, the man came down with the flu. The real flu, despite the fact that we got shots this last week. Too damned late, I guess. Here’s hoping the rest of us don’t end up with it. He’s in misery. High temp, intestinal distress, chills, nausea, all the rest. A friend just reminded me of tamiflu, so thinking we should look into it.

I started writing for nano today. Didn’t get far, but at least I started. I’m pleased about that.

Here’s a little piece of it.

He paced. He pounded the walls until his fists were bruised and bloody. He kicked the door until he broke bones in his feet. The room offered no weapons. The bed was bolted to the floor, as was the table and the lone chair. The toilet had no seat or lid, and the faucet was motion sensitive. Only his mattress, the toilet paper, and the white cup could be mobilized, and while he could make a knife of the latter, it would have done him little good. No one came.


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  • Denisetwin

    Last year’s flu shot was only 18% effective for influenza type A and only 45% for type B when they reviewed it at the end of the season. That’s the CDC saying it was just 18% effective, you can check the data at No one knows yet how effective it is this year, but Boston Globe is estimating 38% effective. He may have just had the wrong strain (prob. type B as the shot is least effective against that.)

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