news and baking

First, The Weird Wild West has been released! My story, Grasping Rainbows, is included. I really love this story. weirdThere are som fabulous writers in the book and I’m honored to be included. I hope you enjoy!

In other news, the kids and I baked today. We made lemon cookies, peanut butter pretzel chocolate bites; a Bailey’s, chocolate, cream cheese, white chocolate cookie; Rice Crispy S’more pinwheel; and chocolate chip cookies. We also made a brownie cookie dough that’s uber chocolaty and we’ll bake it tomorrow.

On top of that, tomorrow I need to make pie, dinner rolls, and also cut out cookies of two varieties. I’m already tired. Oh, and I need to make either cinnamon rolls or a blueberry breakfast cake.

My kids were quite helpful in various almost-helpful ways. We also listed to my daughter’s favorite Christmas CD about a dozen times. I need to get her another one. *facepalm*

We’re about ready for Christmas. Or rather, about as ready as we will get. I feel like we’re about to embark on a dangerous journey. Luck should be wished for us.

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