I’ve been wanting to try yoga. Only I’m not sure what the best place to start is. Considering I’m way out of shape. But the real problem right now is I can’t do anything that involves my wrists until the sprains heals. But I wondered if there was anything I could do now that might start me learning. Thoughts?


  • MaryW

    Start the breathing exercises. These work your lungs and your abs. No wrists needed. I use them to help with asthma.

  • Mikaela

    I am doing a shorter version of the five Tibetans. This is the speed version that Hugh Howey posted, but there are separate videos on his Youtube account with less strenous versions of some of the exercises.

    I like them, since it is exercises I can do at home and quite easily. They also help with my leg/ back. I notice when I don’t do them!

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