Learning to Needle Felt

I decided I wanted to learn to needle felt. I order some supplies and watched a video on how to make a ball and jumped in. I didn’t bother with a pattern, but the kit came with instructions that I was a little bit too impatient to read and skimmed a bit and decided to just jump in. I think I did all right, but I definitely want to look into how to do a few things better. Paws are one thing. And shaping smaller stuff like facial features. But I thought I’d share the result. It’s kind of cute, right?



  • Marcia Wilso

    Extremely amazed and impressed. I have one craft (making jewelry) and I’m attempting to teach myself crochet. You are definitely an inspiration to keep trying. My items definitely won’t let this good – – – but I have to start somewhere!!

  • Di Francis

    Crochet isn’t too bad. The key is don’t strangle the needle. Pulling too tight really makes things not work so well. Thank goodness for Youtube for learning so much. That’s how I learned to knit. I bet your stuff will look great.


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