Second Read Along Post–Spoilers if you’ve not been reading

How much are you loving this book? I am reading a little slower than I want, mostly because I went camping with my husband and mom and there’s a bit of a story there, and we bought a new truck (also a story there), and we got some other stuff done. So anyhow, I’m reading, and as much as I want to chew through this story, I haven’t.

I’m at the chapter where Hannah and Banescroft have climbed out the window following the news of Simon’s death. Was anybody else kind of surprised he died? I mean, he feels like he was supposed to be around awhile, and even though he was clearly doing the thing in the horror movie where you go outside alone where someone is killing everybody because …. stupid horror trope. I mean, I get Simon’s motivation, and I’m sure it didn’t occur to him he was in danger, but that was on the too-stupid-to-live spectrum.

When Tina came in on Loon day (I loved that day), did anybody else wonder if she was the old Tina? And speaking of Loon day, the guy wanting to charge for his stories killed me. He was AMAZING. And I really want to know how that toilet in Scotland is haunted. And I absolutely adore the little inserted bizarro stories.

Even though I see Moretti being incredibly awful, I still can’t decide if he’s evil or more chaotic or that sort of character who is doing bad things but mostly to people who deserve it. So sort of a vigilante. At the same time, the way he deliberately burns Gary is creepy. He’s beginning to remind me a little of my character, Percy, from my Diamond City books, and Percy is a shit.

How do you suppose Gary’s transformation and work for Moretti is supposed to help his daughter? Will Moretti be able to cure her? Or some other thing? And is the similarity between Moriarty and Moretti deliberate?

What’s Manny hiding under his dreds around his neck? Or maybe I should say, who? Because certainly there’s someone or something under there. Also, how many of the people working at Stranger Times are not human?

I’m loving Hannah’s self evolution and becoming more assertive with Banecroft. That’s scene was GREAT. And with Stella–convincing her to call her Hannah instead of new Tina. I love the magic of donuts.

How are you feeling about the story’s evolution so far? I can’t wait to keep reading, and I already bought the next book.


  • Becky

    I was so sad when Simon died!! Confession: I have already finished this book, the next one and most of the ones he wrote in the Bunny McGarry series. I’m retired, I have all the reading time. I love, love, love all the characters in this book. Well except the bad guys. Who you will meet. And they are yuck. Money for stories guy was great! (I know how the story ends and I’ll tell you all about it for $10,000) hehehe If you go to his website, the little stories in between are on there as well as some other ones that are equally bizzarro. 🙂 Thanks for suggesting this, I most likely wouldn’t have found it otherwise!

  • Di Francis

    I love that! I shall now assign you The Thread that Binds the Bones if you can find it. I think it might be on Kindle. Nina Kiriki Hoffman. I found a paper copy today of the original cover today and am compelled to buy them when I find them because I love that book so much. Along with some PC Hodgell.

  • Becky

    Book purchased and two chapters read! So good! I would have started sooner, but I had to finish my TJ Klune book I was on. 🙂

  • Becky

    Finally finished my asigned reading! Oh, how wonderful! A very interesting magic system, different from what I’ve read before. The characters are so great, even bad Uncle Carroll- so glad he had the change of heart! I know Fayella did REALLY bad things, but I’m feeling so sad for her while at the same time feeling scared and repulsed by her. No one tried to help her or get her help, even Scylla once she realized there was trouble. Of course, Fayella most likely would not have accepted that help, but still. Even being magical doesn’t solve all the problems. And I need to know more about Burt…he’s suspicious (in a good way). Need to start book two immediately. But also need to (finally) jump in to the Diamond City Magic books especially since there is a new one out. So many books to read, and even with all my time, not enough time. I loved Putting the Fun in Funeral and Witchkin. Waiting on Putting the Chic in Psychic.

  • Di Francis

    I have to admit I stopped and reread it, too. Sadly, the next book is a prequel and doesn’t include the same characters. I always wanted more of them. I love Nina’s work. That book was so original. I just loved it so much.

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