About Me and About Patreon and my Patreon Tiers: I’m looking for feedback

Hello Everyone!

I have been doing a lot of work on myself of late through therapy, and through this class I’m taking from Becca Syme, which helps identify my personal strengths and weakness as a writer and learn to lean into the former and manage the latter. It’s been pretty fascinating. One of the things I’ve learned is that I must stew and masticate and ponder and research before I can make movements forward. I have to build that into my writing planning.

I have also come pretty close to deciding to retire from teaching. That’s a huge decision for me and my brain is telling me that’s the smart choice, but my heart isn’t quite there yet. I have been involved in education most of my life in one way or another, so even though I realize it will be healthier and wiser to leave it and to focus on my writing and my joy, my heart is still getting there regarding about identity.

One of the things that I’ve decided to do as a consequence or a subsequence? Is that even a word? I’ve decided to focus more on my Patreon. Partly it so I can replace the earnings from teaching. Can’t get around that. A bigger part, though, is for me to be able to build a community space where I can indulge in some teaching, a lot of silliness, creative endeavors, and some other things. Toward that end, I’m going to be adjusting my tiers and two will be for writers who are interested in learning and in sharing and so on. I’m thinking of facilitating a critique group in the upper tier. I’ll be tinkering and shifting the updates according to what works and what gives value to subscribers.

I feel like I will get a better chance to really get to know people and to engage with them through posts, Discord or Slack, Zoom, and possibly other ways. I’m pretty excited about it. I don’t get to go to cons often anymore, and I don’t know when I’ll get back to them, but even if I go to a bunch, I still don’t get quality time with readers and fellow writers. This seeks to cure that.

So I wanted to mention my potential Patreon tiers here for commentary. I’m interested in you opinions on the offerings, on what you’d like to see or the value I’m offering in each tiers. Please do give me your thoughts! I want to update my Patreon tiers starting in the next week.

Tier 1: $3  For the Love


some snippets

occasional life posts

Tier 2: $5 

Everything included in Tier 1 plus:

Access to once a  month Zoom call where I might read, do a Q and A, or possible a social hour.

A flash story or poem written from a single line. It probably won’t be good, but it will be fast, and likely silly.

Talking about horse painting

Life posts

Some rough drafts of scenes or chapters

Tier 3: $10

Everything included in Tier 2 plus:

I’ll share cool things I’ve learned in my research.

Vote on the line on which I’ll base my flash story

Access to a brand new discord group

Rough drafts offered once or twice a month.

Eligible for monthly giveaway.

Tier 4: $20

Everything included in Tier 3 plus:

Propose the potential lines for the flash story

Digital copies of all books before release day.  (They may be unproofed and uncorrected).

A gift sent to you twice year. Could be home made. Whatever it is will be fun.

Behind the scenes looks at my process, cut scenes

Help Di fix problems: exclusive discussions of my books in progress where you help me figure out how to fix problems.

Your name included in the acknowledgements of every book release.

Tier 5: $25 Scribblers Anonymous

Everything in Tiers 1-3 (so does not include 4) plus:

co-writing zoom meeting 2x a month

Zoom Q&A about writing and/or a potential lesson on writing

Can propose lines for flash piece

Monthly writing post (You can suggest topics for me to address)

Access to Discord Writing area

Digital copy of any writing books I publish while you’re a patron.

Your name in the acknowledgements of any writing book I publish based on posts or discussions we have.

Tier 6: $50

Everything in tiers 1-5 plus, and limited to 10 people:

Written critique of up to 30 pages once a quarter

One on one Zoom or phone call each month to discuss your writing (up to 1 hour).

Print copies of all books released in print.

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