Orchid Growing in a Teva Planter

I supported this kickstarter for Teva Planters quite awhile ago. Like pre-Covid. The planters arrived in October, I think, but I didn’t plant anything because I was giving one away for an Xmas present and didn’t want my boyo to see it. Today I finally planted one. The theory of the planters is that they are made of a porous material with a honecombed exterior and a hollow interior. You fill them with water and put a lid on to keep the water clean, and then you can spread seeds on the outside, or you can rubberband a plant to them. Not all plants grow well on them, btw. Orchids are supposed to so I put one of my orchids on there. It may not survive, quite honestly. It wasn’t doing all that well and I’m hoping that this will help bring it back. I couldn’t put any of my other orchids on it because they are all either blooming or about to, and I don’t want to risk having them not bloom.

I really like orchids and for some reason, they like me fairly well. Maybe because I ignore them a lot. I don’t have any fancy ones (ie expensive). I think that this one wasn’t doing so well because I replanted it into too large a container and orchids like to be trapped. Which is another reason why the Teva planter might not work. On the other hand, they do grow on trees, so maybe it’ll think the planter is a tree limb. On the positive side, it will be given moisture without getting wet, and it will have humidity around it at all times.

Here’s a link if you want to check them out. 

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