Tuesday Things

I have been having such a hard time writing. In fact, I’ve been stuck in entropy. I don’t want to do anything at all, to be accurate. So in order to get out of entropy, I’ve been attacking house tasks because those are the things you can break into smaller tasks and say to yourself: I’ll just do this one thing, but then you usually end up doing more. The same applies to words. I’ll just write ten words, but usually end up with a lot more. If not, you still got ten words done.

So I’ve gotten through some serious decluttering and cleaning of areas where stuff tends to pile up because they are convenient. But unfortunately I have more to do. I really want to clear off one particular surface and while I’ve minimized it, I still haven’t got rid of it all. I’m also working on throwing stuff away (I say that, but really it’s throw away stuff that can be, and donate or offer up to the free FB pages I belong to, but throw away is just short hand). I have actually thrown away a fair number of things that are not donatable or give-awayable.

I also made four pans of enchilada lasagne, two of which went into the freezer, the small one of which we ate tonight, and the last one will be tomorrow. I love this stuff. It’s wholly my own made up recipe and so yummy. And no, I’ve never written it down. I should maybe.

My daughter’s been having tummy issues for awhile. I’m wondering if it’s IBS. It involves both ends. Anyhow, she has a doctor’s appointment down the road, but still, she’s unhappy. I’ve got her taking probiotics and keeping a food/sickness journal in the hopes that will help us understand or find patterns. She seems to do pretty well with Rice Roni, so she’s been eating that. Poor kiddo.

I had a shot in my foot today. it’s been going numb and feels really weird. Turns out it’s probably an inflamed something or other and that’s putting pressure on the nerves, so steroid shot to the rescue. Here’s hoping that works.

The above photo is of Merlin and his comfort ball. He likes to chew it, but also just park his face with it in his mouth and go to sleep. It’s disgusting, vile, slobbery, and gross. But it’s his comfort ball so I wash the blankets after he slobbers on them.

I have one pair of Bombas socks. I really love them. I cannot justify the expense of buying them, however. But wow, they are noticeably more comfortable. It’s bizarre.

I posted an ask me anything about writing post on Patreon today.  Looking forward to getting some questions.

My favorite online time-waster is Am I the Asshole. I just can’t stop. Sigh.

I am thinking of watching a reality show like Housewives of wherever they come from, in order to see if I can hear interesting things to include in my writing. Some things you can’t come up on your own. I tend to go evesdropping, but haven’t been able to recently.

I’m working on an edit for someone, and I’m looking forward to telling you about her book when it comes out. It’s fun.

I started playing disc golf and finding it quite fun. I don’t know that I”ll get good at it ever, but I do enjoy it. There are a lot more courses around than I thought. I found a state campground that has a 27 hole course. Thinking of taking the trailer there. It’s on a river, too, so should be pretty.

Because of things going on in life (read elder care stuff mostly) we haven’t been camping in a year. Holy crap. We bought the trailer in the hopes of going at least once a month.

I’m getting ready to put together my newsletter. Did I mention Putting the Chic in Psychic and Putting the Ice in Nice are both out? I will talk more about writing later. I hope all of your are doing grand and that this post isn’t too random.

Love you all! XOXO



  • becky

    Love the puppy pic! AND I just finished Putting the Ice in Nice, soooo good!!!! YAY! I really love Beck and her friends.

  • Stacy L. Brown

    Just finished “Putting the Ice in Nice” and loved every minute! Can I just put a …”FINALLY! ” out there! So much fun and snarkiness and VERY interesting developments! So….how long until the next one?!?! LOL! You’ll have to call this one something like Putting the Nasty in Dynasty! I so enjoy this series and will count the days before I can dive back into this world.

    Thanks for all the magic!

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