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Whisper of Shadows

Whisper of ShadowsA Diamond City Magic Novel, Book 3
Belle Bridge Books (April 22, 2016)
ISBN-13: 9781611947205

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Praise for Whisper of Shadows:

Life just got a whole more problematic for tracer heroine Riley Hollis. Like its predecessors, the third installment of the exceptional Diamond City Magic series wastes no time diving into the action and throwing major complications at its protagonists. Along with the thrilling action, there are boatloads of character developments and revelations that will leave readers pumped for the next chapter! Bravo! —Romantic Times Book Review 4 stars review


War is coming . . .

When the FBI uses an anti-magic law to arrest and torture Riley’s boyfriend, they have no idea what hell they are about to unleash. If Riley can’t rescue Clay before he breaks, the result will be a disaster of epic proportions.

With time running out, Riley and her family must rely on two people more likely to stab them in the back than actually help. And, even if Riley manages the rescue, she’s still got to deal with two kidnappings and the return of her dad from the dead–the same dad who’d been willing to see her dead to protect his secrets.

What’s a girl to do? Kick ass, take names, and protect those she cares about at all costs.

1st chapter excerpt coming soon