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Sunday, June 7th, 2015
Finally from RT

I finally am loading up pictures from RT. Here goes:  roxie and me


<—-This is me with Rachel Caine at the Random Penguin Party. There’s a number of pictures from the party.


melanie and me






This is Melanie Fletcher from said party. —>





patti and me










<—-This is the least blurry picture of Patty Briggs and I. We took several but apparently we’re always moving.








<—-This is the lovely Charlaine Harris. She is amazing, everyone. Kind, nice, sweet, generous, and just a little bit snarky. Very cool woman.





samantha and jeanne





These are Samantha Sommersby and Jeanne Stein, who write lovely things apart and together chloe and jeannette and meare SJ Harper. —–>







<———–That’s Chloe Neil, Me, and J. Kathleen Cheney at the party before the crowd hits.








These two hooligans are Ilona and Gordon Andrews. We were eating breakfast and got a table in the quiet back room. Until of course it filled up with people. It pays to be slightly early for breakfast at a con.

pooks me carole and snape














This is Me, Patricia Burroughs, Severus Snape, Mad Tea Partyand Carole Nelson Douglas after a panel. No, we aren’t troublemakers, why do you ask? ——–>











<——–Then we have the Mad Hatter Tea Party and sorry, I took some blurry pictures. Some really great Nicole and me signingwriters in there, and unfortunately, I can’t remember all their names. Obviously my roomie J. Kathleen Cheney is down there second to the last on the right.







<———This is me and Nicole Peeler at the mass signing. All those people behind us? writers. There were at least 400 writers there. Amazing. And Nicole had the best dress of all.









Speaking of the signing, here are two pictures to give you a sense of scope:

















Now I have to get to the river of pee. You thought I’d forgotten, didn’t you? So all the floors in the hotel had this particular carpet pattern. Now you tell me–river of pee? Or something else?

pee1pee2RT was nothing but fun. I had a great time and I suck at recapping, so I’ll just say that this was truly a comicon for readers. I love it.pee3

Friday, September 5th, 2014
First Friday of September

The boy’s birthday is tomorrow. I have wrapped things. Probably going to be buying a cake, mostly because I’ve no time to bake. That could change. We’ll see.

Boy and girl have also successfully gone to three days of school. For girlie, not a surprise. For boy, a milestone. He’s managing his illness as best he can and he’s been really chipper and upbeat when he comes home. He’s going to have to see about testing out of his math class. It’s advanced math, but last year he swooshed past it. He’s going to get bored if not. Girlie is making friends and she likes her teacher. She’s been a giggly thing all week.

I have been attempting to get into a work routine. I haven’t done as well as I wanted, but then I haven’t been sleeping and that does seem to take a toll. Today I cut out of work to go to a farmer’s market with my mom and get this dragon by Jessica Douglas framed. Mine is a copy, not the original. One day I hope to get one of her original dragons. She’s a phenomenal artist. (I also have a print of her Crap Fairy, which I love).

Trace of Magic continues to wander a bit in the wild. I’m hoping people are enjoying.

And finally, I’ll close with this: All About the Bass, by Meghan Trainor, Jimmy Fallon, and The Roots. Even though I love the song, I love it more with The Roots and Jimmy.


Thursday, November 21st, 2013
Gonna have to

I’m just going to have to give in to going to the bone-cracker. Luckily, I met a massage therapist at Orycon who works locally in a chiro office. Now I just have to make the appointment. I keep getting headaches and a hip ache and a neck ache. So pretty sure the back needs adjusting.

I am getting writing done. But I still don’t know what the ending is. Yeah. I’m right on top of it. As in, within 2 or 3 thousand words of the ending (pretty sure). Surely some revelation is at hand? (oops, Yeats just crept in). But surely some ending must be at handing? What rough beast, its hour come round at last, slouches toward Diamond City to be born? Oh dear. I really need to be drinking. Possibly writing. Possibly I could just crib totally from Yeats and no one would notice. Right? Hmmm. A thought.

Costco is carrying this kettle corn drizzled with dark chocolate. In my house this is known as Mom Crack. It is good stuff. I ran out of it, but was told today that going to Costco just to buy it was irresponsible. So I didn’t. Because I was going to be responsible. I know, who’d have thunk?

Been listening to Wicked Girls by Seanan McGuire. Love the album, love the song.

From the song:

        Dorothy, Alice and Wendy and Jane,
        Susan and Lucy, we're calling your names,
        All the Lost Girls who came out of the rain
        And chose to go back on the shelf.
        Tinker Bell says, and I find I agree
        You have to break rules if you want to break free.
        So do as you like -- we're determined to be
        Wicked girls saving ourselves.

I get to talk about Worldbuilding on Romantic Times Book Reviews Website. 
Monday, November 4th, 2013
Crosspointe, Trace of Magic, Ticks, Pie!

I had a good weekend and busy. Lots of cooking and baking. Made hot apple cider, too, with sliced oranges, cranberries, cloves, and cinnamon sticks. Tasty. It went well with the pumpkin pie and all the rest. Unfortunately, boy of size is sick today. Throwing up. Just don’t know what the trouble is. I suppose it’s okay. Last week at the end of school he twisted his ankle and staying home gives him another day to stay off it. That’s a good thing.

We’re getting a lot of rain here in the next couple of days. I’m eyeing the leaves on the lawn with baleful intent.

Am starting to read some of the books that have been languishing in boxes (it’s a bad idea to pack the To Be Read mountain because then you only form another one).

This next weekend is Orycon. I need to post up my schedule. I read on Friday at 5:30. I’m nervous about that. Not sure what to read. I only have a 1/2 hour, so I am going to have to figure it out.

Incidentally, it’s officially official: contracts are signed for the re-release of the Crosspointe books and the next in the series! I suppose I could have led with that . . . But anyhow, I’m really excited. The Cipher will re-release in February. Trace of Magic will be out in August, unless things shift to earlier. More on that later.

And just because this is crazy creepy and cool, this is an article on ticks and how they work, with really awesome video showing how they attach and do their work.

Thursday, October 3rd, 2013
Waxing and waning

For the first time I have hit a spot in this novel where the scene isn’t working. I know what the problem is. One of the characters isn’t coming through fully here, so it’s feeling very flat and plastic. On the other hand, part of the scene rocks. I’ve introduced a new character that just makes me giggle. She’s really obnoxious.

This part, however, does work so far. So I’m sharing because all the interesting things I thought of telling you today went out of my head. Except you should look at this. It’s about Lake Natron in Tanzania where the water turns the animals into statues on account of chemicals from a volcanic eruption. Really surreal and cool.

and here’s the snippet:

Price stopped and turned me face him. “Screw Josh. He got himself into this mess without any help, and he’s a selfish bastard for dragging you into it with him. He’s not worth your life, Riley. No one is.”

I blinked at him, trying to figure out which of his eyes were real and which were the double vision pair. “Isn’t that your job? I mean the cop one, not the one where you kill people for the Tyet.”

Saaahmackdown! Cass said in my head. The word vibrated through my skull, sending aching ripples down my spine. Oops, sorry. But there’s more to you than I thought.

“My job is to hunt down bad guys. Not die.”

“What do you do when you’re the bad guy?” I waved the question away. “Nevermind. It’s none of my business. But I get the picture. You aren’t planning on dying for me. Message received.”

Sunday, June 2nd, 2013
I’m grumpy

I have no idea why I’m grumpy, except packing and stress from that. It’s annoying being grumpy. Boy and girl are being clingy. I get that. But it’s driving me nuts. And then the dogs are upset. One peed in the boy’s room as protest for clinging to hard to me, I think. Who knows?  I’ve been packing. I need to get out and go walking.

C.E. Murphy posted a three part essay from Judith Tarr on the industry. It’s really good. You should read it.

Mary Robinette Kowal has a response to what’s been happening with the SFWA recently. It’s very good, as are many of the comments.

Been teaching the kids to use knives in the kitchen. No blood has happened. Also have been teaching them other cooking things. They already know a fair bit, but this seemed like a good idea. They are loving it.

Also, fuck cancer.

Monday, January 28th, 2013
iPad and language

First, the language. I was contemplating today why an event is called a function. I was wondering about the etymology of it. I don’t have anything handy to check on it, and my rather desultory attempts online have not helped. But it’s a curious idea, isn’t it? To function is to behave in a certain fashion, with the assumption that function is correct, and malfunction is faulty. So how does one get from there to function as in, I shall attend the function. I do get the synecdoche of functionary, where a person is reduced to their use-value or a representative part of such (think hired hand). Anyhow, was pondering that today.

I also got an iPad today. Well, it isn’t mine. It belongs to the campus. I do get to use it indefinitely, however. I’m just now trying to get it set up. It’s got very basic programs on it right now. Which is to say, I’m going to have to get iPages for it, or some such. But I have to investigate what sorts of writing programs and etc. will work for it. I also know that could get a keyboard to attach, but don’t know if it’s worth it. It’s heavier than I thought. I don’t think it would make me a good reader. I’m supposed to use it for educational purposes in the classroom, but I’ll be honest, I have no idea how. Nor does my department. We got these things without any plan of how to make them teaching tools. So I’m going to have to explore that.

Does anyone out there have an iPad? Do you have any thoughts on ways to use it for a purpose (which is to say, for more than mail/facebook/twitter/games. I can figure those out. It’s got 32gigs and and doesn’t seem to be retina display. I would be surprised if it was.

Thursday, September 27th, 2012
food and a call for help

I’ve spent a bunch of time today setting up promotional events (blog tours stuff mostly) and some interviews, and my Shindig event, which is going to me doing a reading online for all of you and whoever wants to attend (the more the merrier) and answering questions. I’m still working on gathering more dates and more events, so if you or anyone you know want to host me on a blog or other place, if you have ideas for where I might do something, or again, if you want to do a review, let me know.

BTW, I’m going to start asking for reviews now on Amazon and BN. The more the better–good, bad, or indifferent. The reason why has to do with the way the sites promote books. They push those with more reviews and ratings. So I’m asking, begging, trawling, etc. And not just the new one, the old ones too.

I made a blueberry-peach pie today. Haven’t tried it yet. It’s recent out of the oven. Made a creamy potato soup, also, at the behest of my son. Very tasty. Yum. You should have been here.

I’m going to also ask here for blog topics. I’m going to be doing some guest blogging, and I’d like some topics to work off of. Whether they have to do with books, Spock, Waxing a dog’s legs (which I haven’t done nor would I, but anyhow), or something else. Clearly I need some help. Please . . . help.

Tuesday, September 11th, 2012
Excellent news!

I am more than pleased to announce that Audible.com is going to be making audio books of the Path novels and the Crosspointe Chronicles. I’m so excited. I’m bouncing off the walls.

I don’t have much else for you today. I’m just a blathering idiot about this. Pardon me while I go dancing.

Friday, June 8th, 2012
Queen of the Iron Throne

While at Miscon, I got to sit on the Iron Throne. Here are a couple of the pics. All Hail and Obey me!