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Monday, July 15th, 2013
I found shoes

I found my shoes today. It was an exciting moment. I also unpacked some more boxes, and yet there are always more. More more more.

We are trying to decide whether or not to a) get updated phones, b) if we do, should we get local numbers? Now this last comes up on account of the fact that the phones are in my name. To get the discount with the man’s work, they have to be in his name. To do so, we have to call some number and go through some rigamarole, and then go back into the shop to do the discounting. If we simply stop service and restart under a new contract, then we have to change numbers, because apparently you can’t port your number to your same carrier. You have to change. Right now I have Verizon, and the only reason to stay at this point is because of the discount. But I’ll be honest, thinking of another carrier.

These are the things that drive me nuts. It shouldn’t be so freaking hard. I went online to look at what they have to offer and it was impossible to find any real information. It was designed to be as discouraging as possible, from what I can tell. I couldn’t figure out a plan I might want, or anything. It’s like they deliberately hid the details, or pushed me toward what I don’t want. I don’t know. It should be simpler and easier.

Anybody superhappy or reasonably happy with their carriers and want to talk about them?

On the home phone, we can’t call out. Tech coming tomorrow. Also, a plumber.

In other news, found out about two sudden resignations from my ex-campus today. One in English, one in art. The faculty is not that large. And three inside a week? Wow. But I’m afraid it’s fairly typical of the campus. You’d think they’d try to fix that.

Sunday, July 14th, 2013

We are back home. That has a very odd ring to it to me. We lived in Montana for 14 years and both our kids were born there. We have a number of friends there and a lot of memories. Leaving was far more bittersweet than I expected and in different ways than I expected. I don’t know when we’ll be back to visit (Miscon doesn’t count because we might not make it as far as Dillon). We had an opportunity to visit most everyone we wanted to and despite a little nastiness from a colleague, all  went well. The kids seem to be doing okay, though while we were there, the boy got clingy and a little sick. In fact we all had some intestinal distress, which could have been a bug or just overload. Unfortunately, we got home last night and boy started throwing up. He’s a lot better today. I wonder if it was stress and lack of sleep.

On the way back, we introduced the kids to fresh, hot Krispy Kreme glazed donuts. They were, to put it mildly, enamored. We hadn’t actually had any since before we moved to Montana–they are like eating chunks of really tasty butter pastries. But it was a treat in Spokane and I will endeavor NOT to find out where a shop might be closer to us here. We also stopped at Multnomah Falls. There’s a big parking lot and then you go through a little subway under a road, under a railroad pass where there’s a stream kids could play in (and mine did on the way back out), up over a bridge past a very quaint lodge on up to the base of the falls. Halfway up there’s a stone bridge that crosses the two-step drop. We didn’t climb up to it, but we will another day. It was a lovely place to stop and stretch our legs and get the dogs out before making the last leg home. I’ve wanted to stop there for a long time, but we just never had.

We got back and I was a little horrified to realize that no brownies had come in and magically put everything away. So there’s still that to do. Plus I need to get a writing schedule going. Also, I had to return my iPad, and now I must figure out if I want to replace it. The kids definitely want me to. If I can find the money, the question is do I want to push to get the Max memory or not? The school iPad had 32 gigs. is it worth it to get the 128? Or the 64? I’ve always felt that I should get the max memory I can afford because it’s hard to replace memory. But the other question is iPad batteries. How long do they last? Are they replaceable or is it one of those things that costs as much as the machine? I don’t think I want a mini. I hadn’t got a keyboard for my school iPad, but I think I’ll want one for one I own. The question is, would I be better off with an Air? One of the reasons to get either one is to be able to work when I take the kids to all those place they are going to want to go. I have a macbook, but it’s a bit heavy and bulky for that sort of thing and the nice thing about an iPad is it fits in my purse.